Wedding Shower Invitations and Accessories

Printable bridal shower invite, Cute rustic bridal shower invitation in blue colors with rustic flowers and old paper.

Before the wedding day, there have always been showers. These remain very popular today. Here are the types of parties leading up to the wedding that we see most often:

  • Engagement party often a cocktail party
  • Couples shower/cocktail party. In Texas, this is often a fiesta or Stock the Bar party.
  • Bridal shower(s)
  • Bachelorette Party or Spa Day /Weekend
  • Bridesmaids Luncheon

These types of parties almost always begin with an invitation. One reason for this is that the whole idea of events leading up to a wedding is a play on tradition and invitations are a part of this tradition. Also, many of these parties involve decorations or a theme and invitations are a must for the setting the tone for this type of party. Finally, with the exception of the engagement party, many of these parties by definition are small, so designing and sending out invitations can seem relatively easy and fun.

Invites ~ you can’t get much cuter than these customizable tea cup bridal shower invitations from Wedding Paper Divas.

The invitations chosen vary in style. If given by a friend of the bride’s or groom’s Mother, they are often pretty traditional. They may involve florals, a specific color, or an image of a bride. If given by a friend of the bride or groom, we are seeing a much more modern and clean look. The design is more fun and less sentimental in appearance.

According to The Knot, a great shower speaks to the bride’s (or couples) personality. Here is a fun list of current favorite shower ideas from the Knot. You can see how one would appeal to certain bride but not another. It is important to know your bride’s inclinations. The first group involves learning something.

  • Cooking School Bridal Shower
  • Wine Tasting Bridal Shower
  • The Artful Bridal Shower
  • Bartending Shower

Here are a few more novel ideas:

  • The Honeymoon Shower
  • The Charity Shower
  • The Destination Shower

And these traditional showers are always a good choice:

  • The Tea Party Shower
  • Around the Clock Shower
  • Brunch at Tiffany’s Shower
  • Kitchen Shower

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Naturally, the invitation you choose will enhance your shower idea in some way. Bridal showers are also a chance for the hostess to show off her creative flair. Pinterest sites abound with examples of this type of invitation and decor.

So find out about your bride inclinations and then see what inspires you for invitations and decor. Printed paper can be an inexpensive and effective way to decorate. Think signs, table tents, menu cards, drink labels, bingo cards, and recipe cards to get your creativity started.


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